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Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Classic Fantasies I Want to Read in 2016

When I thought of this topic I got really excited. I LOVE reading classic fantasies and have a bunch that I’m really excited to read. Then, as I was putting together this list, I realized that some of these books aren’t as old as I thought they were. But! My list, my rules, right? So I figure that any book that was published more than 10 years ago is old enough. There is one that skates right under this rule, but just barely! Also, for the purposes of this list, 10 is actually 11.
classic fantasy I picked up a copy of THE BLACK SWAN when I was in Illinois with Alyssa visiting Brittany, and I’m really excited to read it. It’s the second book in a series, but I don’t think I need to read the first one to understand the second. Also, Swan Lake retelling. Ish. BRANG IT. classic fantasy I have never read anything by Guy Gavriel Kay and I feel that, as a fantasy fan, this is a big gap in my reading. He’s written so many well-liked books! Just reading the synopses of his books gets me excited, and THE SUMMER TREE, where a group of college friends get thrown into a fantasy realm, is no exception.classic fantasy Another author that I’ve never read, alas. I’m very much looking forward to reading BITTER GREENS, but I’ve also grabbed a few copies of Kate Forsyth’s older fantasy series on my used book store runs, and THE WITCHES OF EILEANAN sounds right up my alley: witches, prohibited magic, evil queens, dragons. classic fantasy The first book of Sharon Shinn’s that I heard about was ARCHANGEL, and I own it, but I’m also drawn to her more hard-core fantasies. I was lucky enough to have a Secret Santa this year who LOVES Sharon Shinn and gifted me SUMMERS AT AUBURN CASTLE! Actually, my secret sister from last round (hayy Lauren!) also gifted me Sharon Shinn fantasies. So I have a nice little pile to choose from! classic fantasy Ooooh, forgotten BEASTS you say? Fantastical beasts? YASSSS. This is the oldest book on my list and I’m stoked. Never read anything by Patricia A. McKillip either. classic fantasy I read UPROOTED this year with my girls, but I’d heard of Naomi Novik’s fantastical historical fiction about the Napoleonic Wars being fought with dragons long before. It’s so intriguing! Also, it combines two of my favorite things: fantasy and historical fiction. classic fantasy There are SO MANY books to choose from when you’re looking at Robin Hobb’s catalog. I have a few on my TBR, but this one sounds amazing. Mostly because the title–ASSASSIN’S APPRENTICE–hints at, well, assassins. I also love the way the synopsis describes the way nobility are named in this world: by their virtues. HOW AWESOME DOES THAT SOUND. classic fantasy I believe I actually have the first two books in this series on my Kindle (pretty sure Alyssa either gave or recommended them to me). CROWN DUEL just sounds like a great YA fantasy. I’m down. classic fantasyKUSHIEL’S DART is one of those series that seems to have a really vocal, devoted fandom. That alone tells me that, at the very least, reading this book will give me lots to ponder and talk about. I’ve heard great things about this whole series, so I can’t wait to dive in.
classic fantasy YAY TAMORA! I have a mission to read all of her books. Maybe not this year, but I want to do it. I picked up WILD MAGIC at The Book Barn and felt that anticipation! Her books are always a good time. classic fantasy Not gonna lie, I’ve had to restrain myself from buying HEART’S BLOOD a few times because I’m trying not to buy all the books on my secret sister wishlist. But man, I want it BAD. Juliet Marillier retells Beauty and the Beast?! SHUT YOUR MOUTH. classic fantasyWaaay back when our bff status was a lil’ baby, Alyssa gave me the entire boxed set of the Enchanted Forest Chronicles because when we she was wee, she loved them and they impacted her FO LYFE. I’m going to read at least DEALING WITH DRAGONS this year, but probably all of them because let’s be honest: They’re super short.



  1. I keep seeing Tamora Pierce everywhere! I think I need to add her to my TBR pile asap!

  2. So many great books on your list! I absolutely adore Dealing With Dragons! I love the whole series! They’re just so good! I read my copies ragged when I was a kid. I’m so excited for you to read them!

    Heart’s Blood, His Majesty’s Dragon, and Crown Duel are all on my TBR list for this next year too!

  3. Wild Magic!! I haven’t read that series in ages! I definitely will be reading it this year as part of Nori’s Tamora Pierce Challange! Great list Amy!

  4. Dealing with Dragons is such a classic! You’re going to love it!

  5. I’ve read Dealing with Dragons, Wild Magic, Summers at Castle Auburn, and Crowns Duel and I think that you will LOVE all of them. They are honestly by far some of my fondest and most loved books! If you ever feel like doing a buddy read or something I’d be so up for rereading some of these awesome books!

  6. I haven’t read many of these and some I’ll have to look up! Yay! I’ve heard good things about Robin Hobb and Sharon Shinn. I remember loving the Enchanted Forest Chronicles in middle school and I just read Wild Magic (and book 2 Wolf-Speaker) this year! Wild Magic was really good 🙂 Happy reading!!

  7. His Majesty’s Dragon by Naomi Novik has been on my list for a while.

  8. WILD MAGIC! Oh my goodness, Amy, you MUST read this series! Daine is my favorite of the Tortall girls, and I really think you’ll enjoy getting to know her and reading her saga <3 Also, Heart's Blood started out super slow in true Marillier fashion but it was SO good overall! And I, too, intend to read Assassin's Apprentice and Kushiel's Dart in 2016, and I'm curious about The Black Swan! YAY FOR FANTASY READING <3

  9. I need to try out more fantasy, and The Summer Tree in particular sounds super good! Thanks for sharing.


  10. So glad Tamora Pierce made it to the list! I love all of her Tortall books! 🙂

  11. The only books I’ve read off this list are His Majesty’s Dragon (which I think I read in high school) and Wild Magic.
    I first read Tamora Pierce when I was in grade school (The Circle of Magic series) and then just about everything else. I actually own all of her books because I kinda sorta love them all!
    Thanks for sharing your list!

  12. There are some great books on your list. WILD MAGIC is a great start to the Immortals quartet, but then I’m a huge Tamora Pierce fan so I could be a little biased. HIS MAJESTY’S DRAGON/TEMERAIRE is a fantastic book and I hope you enjoy it. DEALING WITH DRAGONS is another awesome book. Hope you manage to read all the books on your list, and that they live up to your expectations.

  13. I love Tamora Pierce, she is definitely one of my all-time favorite authors and I’m always pushing fellow fantasy lovers to read her stuff! I think Daine from the Immortals quartet is actually one of the more relatable heroines because even though I LOVE Kel and Alanna, I don’t necessarily have the desire to go off into battle and do heroic things. Also, I love all the animals in those books.
    I’ve also been meaning to read some more classic fantasy, and Robin Hobb is definitely up there on my list. though I just started the Name of the Wind and that’s pretty hefty and is going to keep me busy for awhile 🙂

  14. I’ve had Kushiel’s Dart on my TBR list foooorrreeevvveeerrrr! Anytime I’ve seen this type of list Jacqueline Carey’s name is on it. If for some reason you decide to do a read-a-long for it, count me in. #justsayin

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