Nookish No. 2


Woo! Time for the second edition of Nookish, friends! I’m going all fancy on you this month with a Royal Nook. Isn’t it so pretty? Like, I want to close the curtains and curl up in it and just BE ALONE WITH MY BOOKS. Except for when my servants come to feed me grapes and refill my wine goblet. Then I can be interrupted.

Nookish Royal

So, in truth, I’ve only read one of the books I’m shouting out here–THE GOOSE GIRL by Shannon Hale. It’s one of my favorites. But the other two fit the theme perfectly, I think, and are two books I’ve been wanting to read…eventually.

THE PRINCESS DIARIES by Meg Cabot | I’ve seen this movie, friends, but I’ve never read the books. YES, I KNOW. I worry a teensy bit that this might be a little too twee or something, but that’s never really stopped me before.

THE ROYAL WE by Heather Cocks & Jessica Morgan | Lots of people have been reading this one lately, and it sounds super adorbs. Nothing like a little royal romance! Also, I do love the cover.

THE GOOSE GIRL by Shannon Hale | I ADORE THIS BOOK. The language is lyrical, the setting is evocative, and the characters are well-crafted and endearing. It sometimes reads more like a middle grade than a YA, but it has such an amazing fairy tale vibe that I sometimes forget it isn’t an old tale, but a newer one.

2014 Year-End Survey

year end survey

I can’t believe it’s 2015 ALREADY. WHERE DID 2014 GO? I’m stunned at how fast things went by! As always, though, I’m so excited for the year-end survey hosted by Jamie at The Perpetual Page Turner. It’s such a fun way to look back on the year of books and blogs and reading. Also as always, this is one of my longest posts of the year, so get yourself a treat for reading the whole thing.

year end survey

Number of Books You Read 

117! WOOT! Not too shabby, huh? I mean, good thing this question isn’t “how many books did you review?” though. THAT list would be not as awesome.

Number of Re-Reads 

I reread a lot of books this year, especially via audio. I reread 14 books this year, 8 via audio.

Genre You Read The Most From

I feel like I read LOTS of adult contemporary this year, which I don’t usually read. I finally read some Lucky Harbor books, which I loved. Right now, I’m on a MAJOR historical romance kick. Like, hardcore. But I’d say that, generally, I read more contemporary this year than usual, between the adult and YA titles.

year end survey

Best Book You Read in 2014

Of course I have to cheat LOL:


Fantasy (adult): LIES OF LOCKE LAMORA


Paranormal/Fantasy YA: BLUE LILY, LILY BLUE

 Audiobook: ELEANOR & PARK

Book You Were Excited About & Thought You Were Going to Love More But Didn’t

I’m going to go with STRAY by Elissa Sussman. I’m going to post a review of some sort for this (and a few other straggler reviews) shortly after the new year, but suffice it to say that this book about fairy godmothers was fairly DRIPPING with Amy-nip, and I wasn’t blown away by it.

Most Surprising (in a Good Way or Bad Way) Book You Read in 2014

Alas, I think I was more surprised by a book in a BAD way in 2014. This bothers me on several levels: One, because I don’t like being negative. Two, because I don’t like not liking books; it bums me out. And three, because this was one book that I was DYING to read for ever and ever, and it fell majorly flat. I’m talking about SACRIFICE by Brigid Kemmerer. It’s about Michael, MICHAEL MERRICK, FFS! One of my favorite book boyfriends! His book was lame-ish, and the publisher pulled one of those things where they included about 50 pages of samples at the end of the file, so the book finished when I was only 60% done. But mostly, I was disappointed in the story. I didn’t feel the feelings, and there was almost no romance, something that I’ve come to expect and really enjoy from Brigid Kemmerer. WAHHH!

Book You “Pushed” the Most People to Read (and They Did) in 2014

I don’t know about people actually reading it, but once I read EVERY BREATH by Ellie Marney, I shouted from the rooftops about it. SO GOOD.

 Best Series You Started in 2014? Best Sequel of 2014? Best Series-Ender of 2014?

Best series I started? The Every series by Ellie Marnie. It’s FABULOUS. Also the Gentlemen Bastards series by Scott Lynch. Best sequel of 2014? Hmmm… HEIR OF FIRE by Sarah J. Maas was amazing, and you’ll probably see it a few more times on this list, just FYI. I’m also going to shout out BLUE LILY, LILY BLUE by Maggie Stiefvater again because it just went to these AMAZING places. Best series-ender? ISLA AND THE HAPPILY EVER AFTER by Stephanie Perkins for the companion angle, but DREAMS OF GODS AND MONSTERS by Laini Taylor was beautiful.

 Favorite New Author You Discovered in 2014

I’d never read anything by Sarah Rees Brennan before this year, friends, and I really am kicking myself for it. Her Lynburn Legacy series started out amazingly, even if I haven’t read the rest yet. I also was very glad to pick up EVERY BREATH and get myself acquainted with Ellie Marney.

 Best Book From a Genre You Don’t Typically Read/Was Out of Your Comfort Zone

Hmmm…I don’t think I really crossed any lines this year, guys. That’s a bummer.

 Most Action-Packed/Thrilling/Unputdownable Book of the Year

I COULD NOT put down HEIR OF FIRE. Couldn’t, and didn’t want to.

 Book You Read in 2014 That You Are Most Likely to Re-Read Next Year

WOOO, I love rereading! I’ll definitely reread ISLA, and probably MORTAL HEART on audio. Also I always like to reread Jay Crownover’s books, which I reread this year, so I’ll probably reread them again. They’re GREAT for slump-breaking and just general enjoyment.

 Favorite Cover of a Book You Read in 2014

Book cover Blue Lily, Lily Blue Maggie Stiefvater

 Most Memorable Character of 2014

There are two, because I was so blown away by them and how much they added to the story and how much I came to be invested in them over the course of just one book: Manon Blackbeak and Rowan Whitethorn from HEIR OF FIRE. Excellent characters.

 Most Beautifully Written Book Read in 2014

I’d have to say SORROW’S KNOT by Erin Bow. What a heartbreaking, gorgeous book.

 Most Thought-Provoking/ Life-Changing Book of 2014

I suppose it will say something negative about me that I didn’t have my life meaningfully altered by any book I read this year, but Jandy Nelson’s I’LL GIVE YOU THE SUN was very emotionally visceral to me: the sibling conflict, the self-discovery, the secrets and feelings. I think it’s remarkable that her books always make me feel such intense empathy that I sometimes have to remind myself that I don’t actually share very many experiences with her characters.

 Book You Can’t Believe You Waited UNTIL 2014 to Finally Read

REVOLUTION by Jennifer Donnelly. What a fantastic book! It’s historical fiction from a favorite time period of mine, the French Revolution, with a dark contemporary companion story, and they weave together so naturally.

 Favorite Passage/Quote From A Book You Read in 2014

This line from SORROW’S KNOT realllly killed me:

Sorrow's Knot

Shortest & Longest Book You Read in 2014

The longest book I read this year was actually a reread: THE WISE MAN’S FEAR by Patrick Rothfuss, and I technically listened to it. The shortest book I read this year was THE ICE DRAGON by George R.R. Martin.

 Book That Shocked You the Most

There were some pretty big shockers in THE YOUNG ELITES and HEIR OF FIRE. I shall say no more.

 OTP OF THE YEAR (You Will Go Down with This Ship!)

OMG. Ok. Locke Lamora and Jean Tannen. That’s one. Annith and Balthazar from MORTAL HEART. That’s two. Watts and Mycroft from the Every series. Three. Paige and Warden from THE BONE SEASON. I ship that pretty firmly. I’m inevitably going to forget ships, so I’ll leave it at that. Those are good ones, though.

Favorite Non-Romantic Relationship of the Year

Whoops already shipped it: Locke and Jean from Gentleman Bastards. THE BROMANCE. IT BURNS WITH A BRIGHT, CLEAN FLAME.

Favorite Book You Read in 2014 From an Author You’ve Read Previously


 Best Book You Read in 2014 That You Read Based SOLELY on a Recommendation From Somebody Else/Peer Pressure

I just finished SNOW WHITE AND ROSE RED by Patricia C. Wrede because Alyssa loves it so, and it was wonderful. Solid rec from the bestie.

 Newest Fictional Crush From a Book You Read in 2014

 ROWAN. Also MYCROFT. They actually have a few personality traits in common, now that I think about it. Broody, secretive, not awesome with feelings. SIGH.

Best 2014 Debut You Read

THE MIDNIGHT THIEF by Livia Blackburne was really quite good and a promising start to a series. I’m ready for book two, kthx.

Best Worldbuilding/Most Vivid Setting You Read This Year

Camorr was so damn real to me. The slums, the smells, the House of Perelandro. I positively DIE over vivid fantasy worlds, and that was definitely one.

Book That Put a Smile on Your Face/Was the Most FUN to Read

Robin Benway’s GOING ROGUE. This book is so fast-paced and funny, with perfect amounts of swoon and adventure.

Book That Made You Cry or Nearly Cry in 2014

No need to worry about “nearly”: I cry a lot when I read, so this is actually hard to answer because it’s not just one book. I cried when I read SORROW’S KNOT, REVOLUTION, BURIAL RITES, and THE GOOSE GIRL, and that’s just what I can remember.

Hidden Gem of the Year

THE FALCONER by Elizabeth May. Faeries are sometimes hit or miss with me, but this was a HIT for sure. Being set in historical Scotland certainly helped. I’m super stoked for book 2, but I CANNOT EVEN TELL YOU how much I HAAAATE the cover redesign. HATE. Doesn’t match at all, and if the girl on the cover is supposed to be Aileana, there’s actually NO RESEMBLANCE WHATSOEVER. Like, the girl on the cover of THE FALCONER–Aileana–is red-headed; the girl on the cover of book 2 is blonde and looks like she’s from a dystopian novel, not a historical fiction with faeries. Ahem. But the story in THE FALCONER is great! READ IT!

Book That Crushed Your Soul

THE DRAMA! I honestly don’t think I read anything this year that crushed my soul. I read some emotional books and books that blew me away, but none of them left me hollowed out and broken. Alas.

Most Unique Book You Read in 2014

I’m going to go with LOVE LETTERS TO THE DEAD by Ava Dellaira for a few reasons. One, it was an epistolary novel. I don’t come across many of those. But who those letters were written to also made it different: dead celebrities from all time periods. Really, really interesting, and it worked.

Book That Made You the Most Mad (Doesn’t Necessarily Mean You Didn’t Like it)

This one has to be SACRIFICE by Brigid Kemmerer again. It was a letdown, and that kills me. I wanted so much more from Michael’s story, and the end didn’t really do any of the books justice. You know, since it just kind of…stopped.

year end survey

New Favorite Book Blog You Discovered in 2014

I’ve been horrible with reading blogs this year, so the blogs that I’ve discovered this year might not necessarily be new to you all, but 2014 was the first year that I encountered The Pretty Good Gatsby, and I always enjoy reading Leah’s posts! I love that her reviews are in depth and thoughtful and she mixes YA and adult.

Favorite Review You Wrote in 2014

EEEK these questions are always so hard for me. I remember that writing my review for ISLA AND THE HAPPILY EVER AFTER was really easy because I had so much to say about how much I loved it, so we’ll go with that one.

Best Event That You Participated in (Author Signings, Festivals, Virtual Events, Memes, etc.)

Of course, going to BEA in 2014 was so much fun, mostly because I got to hang out with my bestie loves, Alyssa and Brittany! We don’t see each other nearly often enough, so any chance we get to spend time together in person is always special. PLUS! I had the BEST shoes this year and my feet were LOVING ME. (They were Sanuks.)

I’d also have to say that participating in and helping to run the On the Same Page Secret Sister was AWESOME and so fun! We’ve gotten such positive feedback and people wanting to participate again and it’s just so heartwarming that people want to make time and room in their busy lives to just put a smile on someone’s face.

Best Moment of Bookish/Blogging Life in 2014

So I’m going to fudge around with this answer because I’m going to say that the best bookish moments were visiting Anderson’s Bookshop in Naperville, IL, and The Book Barn in Niantic, CT, but really that just means that my favorite moments were that I got to hang out with Brittany and Alyssa. And HELLO, we went to Anderson’s the day before Brittany GOT MARRIED!! Best day!

Most Popular Post This Year on Your Blog

That would be my Series Love post about Jay Crownover’s Marked Men series. I’m going to be doing more of this feature this year because I love it, so YAY!

Best Bookish Discovery (Book-Related Sites, Book Stores, etc.)

I just flat out adore these bookends that I found on Etsy from Knob Creek Metal Arts. They’re ADORABLE. I wish I had someplace to put them.

Bookish Things

Did You Complete Any Reading Challenges or Goals You Set for Yourself at the Beginning of 2014?

Just my Goodreads Challenge to read 105 books. I passed it!

year end survey

One Book You Didn’t Get to in 2014 But Will be Your Number 1 Priority in 2015

I still haven’t read THE INFINITE SEA yet, so that’s high on the list, as is THE BLOOD OF OLYMPUS.

Book You Are Most Anticipating in 2015 (Non-Debut)

LOL this question, though. A COURT OF THORNS AND ROSES, SHADOW SCALE, FAIREST, WINTER, THE SWORD OF SUMMER, the fourth Raven Cycle book, the fourth Throne of Glass book, THE ORPHAN QUEEN, SIX OF CROWS, THE PENDERWICKS IN SPRING, EVERY MOVE. I could literally list like 50 books right now.

2015 Debut You Are Most Anticipating

THE WRATH AND THE DAWN, THE GIRL AT MIDNIGHT, THE STORYSPINNER, AN EMBER IN THE ASHES, TANGLED WEBS. I know there’s more, but since I’m only supposed to list one….

Series Ending/A Sequel You Are Most Anticipating in 2015

I kind of answered this already–WHOOPS!–but definitely the fourth Raven Cycle book for series ender, and the fourth Throne of Glass book for sequel.

One Thing You Hope to Accomplish or Do in Your Reading/Blogging Life in 2015?

Same thing as always, friends: be more consistent with my posts. Write more reviews. I sometimes just love to actually READ too much to stop long enough to blog! Not the worst thing, though, right?

Stacking the Shelves (19)

Stacking The ShelvesWeek of March 23, 2013

It’s been two weeks since my last Stacking the Shelves post! My weekends have been cray lately, friends, and there’s no sign of a let-up in sight until, like, June. But never fear! (If you were even afraid in the first place.) I’ll never be too far from this place! Especially when I have weeks like the last few: I bought some things, I got some things. It’s been pretty legit around here.


Book cover for The Eternity Cure by Julie Kagawa

Amazon | Goodreads

The Eternity Cure: Blood of Eden #2 by Julie Kagawa (April 30, 2013 from Harlequin Teen).  Confession: This is one of those times when I requested the second book in a series I haven’t started yet mostly to motivate myself to GET STARTED ALREADY. I’ve loved Julie’s books so far, and I’ve heard great things about THE IMMORTAL RULES, and I’m hearing great things from the people who’ve read the sequel already. SOON.

Book cover for Dear Cassie by Lisa Burstein

Amazon | Goodreads

Dear Cassie by Lisa Burstein (March 5, 2013 from Entangled Teen). This is a companion/follow up to PRETTY AMY, which I haven’t read. Cassie sounds like…a handful. She gets sent to this rehab camp after getting arrested and meets a guy there.

Book cover for The Theory of Everything by Kari Luna

Amazon | Goodreads

The Theory of Everything by Kari Luna (July 11, 2013 from Philomel).  This cover is furry-licious. Also, science-fictiony/magical realism-ish. The main character has a shaman panda, a physicist dad who goes missing, and she starts seeing weird things (shaman pandas included). This book sounds so delightfully weird that I’m having a hard time describing it.


Stacking the Shelves

Clockwork Princess: Infernal Devices #3 by Cassandra Clare. I’ve just finished the first two books in this series. I AM DYING HERE. (AmazonGoodreads)

The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater. So, this is the paperback, as you can see. It’s basically gorgeous. I just realized that I bought two copies of this book in the past two weeks: this one, with it’s beautiful cover art and fancy shmancy Printz Honor Medal; and the audiobook (you’ll see it in a sec) (Amazon | Goodreads)

Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell. I loved this book to the ends of the earth, so I had to buy a copy. (Amazon | Goodreads)

House of Secrets by Christopher Columbus and Ned Vizzini

House of Secrets: House of Secrets #1 by Chris Columbus and Ned Vizzini (April 23, 2013 from Balzer + Bray). MG fantasy blurbed by JK Rowling? PSH. Glad I’m doing a blog tour for this one. (Amazon | Goodreads)

Book cover for unravel me by Tahereh Mafi

Unravel Me: Shatter Me #2 by Tahereh Mafi. SIGH. Guys, I usually refuse on principle to buy full-price kindle books. $10 for a pdf? I can’t. But I just bought SHATTER ME real cheap for my kindle, so that triggered one of my bookish OCD practices of needing to buy series in the same format. So I did it. It better be worth it. (Although from the sounds of things, chapter 62 will pay for this books a few times over.) (Amazon | Goodreads)

book cover for poison by bridget zinn

Poison by Bridget Zinn. Friends, this book is pretty freaking great. I have a e-galley, but when I saw that it was $7 for my kindle, I had to snap it up. I so wish that there could be more about Kyra. (Amazon | Goodreads)

Book cover for The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater

The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater, narrated by Steve West and Fiona Hardingham. Asheley @ Into the Hall of Books and Hannah @ So Obsessed With told me that I HAD to buy this audio book. So I listened, because we all know how much I love THE SCORPIO RACES (I have plans to buy the UK edition from Fishpond, too). I can’t WAIT to listen to this one. (Audible | Goodreads)

Game of Thrones DVDStacking the Shelves

Game of Thrones Season 2, Moleskines, and Julep!! HUZZAH!

Recently on Tripping Over Books…

FROI OF THE EXILES!! I’m loving it. Week 1 of Froi chat is right this way.

I HAD to  buy these 10 books, friends. Now ask me if I’ve read them yet.

I’ve been late to basically all of Cassandra Clare’s books, but the audio of CLOCKWORK ANGEL was pretty legit.

For real, ELEANOR & PARK is one of my favorite books of the year.

This spring is going to be off the hook. I’m REALLY looking forward to these 10 books in particular.

Check out my Bloggiesta goals!

I was so happy to participate in the blog tour for Bridget Zinn’s POISON. SUCH a great book, too.

Stacking the Shelves (18)

Stacking The ShelvesWeek of March 9, 2013

Friends, spring has sprung in my neck of the woods. AND I LOVE IT. Got some books that I’m INCREDIBLY excited to read in the mail this week, as well as a novella gem from NetGalley from one of my favorite series. WORD!


Book cover for Breathless by Brigid Kemmerer

Amazon | Goodreads

Breathless: Elemental #2.5 by Brigid Kemmerer (April 30, 2013 from Kensington). Friends, I know I have gushed about the Elemental series and the Merrick brothers before. So far, there have been books about Chris (STORM) and Gabriel (SPARK), and a novella about the oldest and my favorite, Michael (who is getting his own book soon!). This novella is about Nick, Gabriel’s twin brother, and is coming out in advance of book 3, SPIRIT (which is about Hunter, a friend of the Merrick’s). I will read all of these books, always. I love them. Thanks, Kensington!!!


Stacking the Shelves

Legacy of the Clockwork Key: The Secret Order #1 by Kristin Bailey. Steampunkish secret order? A dangerous invention that can ruin the world? A young girl who maybe falls for a stable boy? I’ll take a flyer on all of those things, please. Oh, AND? DEBUT. Word. (Amazon | Goodreads)

Let the Sky Fall: Let the Sky Fall #1 by Shannon Messenger. Don’t tease me with a book that is in any way about anything weather related. I will read it. This one–about a guy named, perhaps ironically, Vane (like, WEATHERVANE?) and an air elemental named Aura sounds just basically perfect. Hearing good things, too. (Amazon | Goodreads)

Stacking the Shelves

Finnikin of the Rock and Quintana of Charyn: The Lumatere Chronicles #1 & #3 by Melina Marchetta. These two–the Australian versions–finally arrived from Fishpond yesterday! Huzzah! I’m well and truly in deep with this series–reading FROI OF THE EXILES right now–and I’m stoked that I have a copy of QUINTANA to read next, even though it doesn’t come out in the US until April. (Series on Amazon | Series on Goodreads)

Book cover for Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

Shatter Me: Shatter Me #1 by Tahereh Mafi. This one is on sale for my kindle, and I’ve been wanting to reread before I snag a copy of UNRAVEL ME, which I’m now going to have to buy for my kindle as well, for which I am notoriously cheap when it comes to purchasing books. Let’s hope that it goes on sale soon, too #delusional (Amazon | Goodreads)

This Week on Tripping Over Books…

The Lumatere Chronicles Readalong of FINNIKIN OF THE ROCK is complete! Here’s my thoughts on Week 4.

Top Ten Series I Want to Start. Here’s a list that could have been twice it’s size.

I had a BLAST reading Robin Benway’s ALSO KNOWN AS.

Stacking the Shelves (17)

Stacking The ShelvesWeek of March 2, 2013

WHAT IT’S MARCH ALREADY?! I can’t even deal with how quickly this year seems to be passing right now. I kept myself OFF of Netgalley this week, friends. WHEW! But I did visit the LIBRARY for the first time in AGES! Huzzah!!


From the Library

Every Day by David Levithan (narrated by Alex McKenna). The audiobook collection at my library isn’t huge, but it does get used pretty heavily, so I was excited to find that this one was still on the shelves there! I’ve been meaning to read it (I got an ARC at last year’s BEA), but audiobooks are slowly becoming more prevalent in my reading, and I can’t wait to check out this story about a spirit, I guess, called A who wakes up every day in a new body. It sounds FANTASTIC.

Daughter of the Forest: Sevenwaters Trilogy #1 by Juliet Marillier. So many people have been urging me to read this book for ages. To date, I’ve only ever read one book by Juliet Marillier–WILDWOOD DANCING–and it was captivating. April and Alyssa almost stopped being friends with me because I hadn’t read this one yet, though, so I jumped on it at the library yesterday (which was, I’m happy to report, PACKED).


Book haul

Froi of the Exiles: The Lumatere Chronicles #2 by Melina Marchetta. I’m participating in the Lumatere Chronicles readalong, and it’s going swimmingly. We just finished FINNIKIN OF THE ROCK, and so this book–the Australian paperback I ordered from Fishpond–came just in time! I ordered all three books, but for some reason Fishpond shipped each one separately. Who knows, friends.

The Madness Underneath: Shades of London #2 by Maureen Johnson. I was a big fan of NAME OF THE STAR, so I knew that I would have to order this book to see what happens next with Rory and the rest of the Shades, particularly Stephen.

Star Crossed: Stargazer #1 by Jennifer Echols. Ummm DUH Jennifer Echols wrote a book. Therefore, I will buy it. She’s taking her swooniness to the grown-ups now! I like the possibilities, friends.

Book cover for Scarlet by A.C. Gaughen

Scarlet: Scarlet #1 by A.C. Gaughen. This one was le cheap for le kindle yesterday, so I snagged it. I liked this one very much, even though I sometimes found Scarlet herself too prickly for my taste. Still. ROBIN HOOD. Yes, please.


Stacking the Shelves

…I got a new one!!!

I had a kindle keyboard for about two years. It froze permanently on me twice: the first time it was under warrantee so I replaced it for free, but this last time, I had to buy a new kindle. I’ve been eyeing that Paperwhite for awhile, but didn’t want to replace a kindle that, until just recently, was working fine. But when my kindle broke for good two weeks ago, I hopped on the Paperwhite bandwagon and am not likely to fall off anytime soon. I want to be reading on it ALL THE TIME.

This Week on Tripping Over Books…

I chatted about the third week of The Lumatere Chronicles Readalong of FINNIKIN OF THE ROCK.

I reviewed Caela Carter’s teen pregnancy debut, ME, HIM, THEM, AND IT.

Top Ten Auto-Buy authors? Mine are right here.

Looking for an effed up story about teenage criminals at an effed up school? Kirsten Miller’s HOW TO LEAD A LIFE OF CRIME should be on your TBR.

LOTS of great books coming out this March! Here are the ones I’m most excited about.

Tripping Over March

Seven Books I’m Looking Forward to in March

Guys, I forgot how many INCREDIBLE books are coming out this month?! Who knew that March was such a promising month for book releases! There are so many books that I can’t wait to read coming out this month that I had to shout out more than five. Woot!

book cover for legacy of the clockwork key by Kristin bailey

Amazon | Goodreads

Legacy of the Clockwork Key: The Secret Order #1 by Kristin Bailey

I’m sorry, did someone say the name of this series is “The Secret Order”? I mean, honestly. It does have a definite steampunky aspect, which isn’t always my jam, but this whole secret order/dangerous invention/stable boy romance are pushing all of my good buttons. (Simon Pulse, March 5)

Book cover for Let The Sky Fall by Shannon Messenger

Amazon | Goodreads

Let the Sky Fall: Let the Sky Fall #1 by Shannon Messenger

WORD WEATHER! I love reading about weather, and this book about elementals is totally up my alley. TOTALLY. (Simon Pulse, March 5)

Book cover for Strands of Bronze and Gold by Jane Nickerson

Amazon | Goodreads

Strands of Bronze and Gold: Strands of Bronze and Gold #1 by Jane Nickerson

I will forever die to read fairy tale retellings. FOREVER. The Bluebeard tale is…pretty dark, friends. What with all those DEAD BODIES being kept locked up in a room and whatnot. But this Southern Gothic retelling sounds like the bees knees. (Random House Children’s, March 12)

book cover for poison by bridget zinn

Amazon | Goodreads

Poison by Bridget Zinn

LOOK AT THAT PIGGEH!! Also, debut fantasy about a girl who must poison her former BFF–and the king–in order to save her home from destruction…except her plan to assassinate the king FAILS and she has to go on the run. Sounds AWESOME. (Disney Hyperion, March 12)

Book cover for Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare

Amazon | Goodreads

Clockwork Princess: The Infernal Devices #3 by Cassandra Clare

I’m listening to book 2, CLOCKWORK PRINCE, right now and I’m really digging it (maybe this has something to do with the fact that Ed Westwick–who has THE hottest voice EVER–narrates some of it). I’m obviously not sure yet what hangs in the balance for this series’ conclusion, but I’m confident that it’s going to be insane. (Margaret K. McElderry Books, March 19)

Book cover for The Art of Wishing by Lindsay Ribar

Amazon | Goodreads

The Art of Wishing: The Art of Wishing #1 by Lindsay Ribar

I just right now realized that this book–a debut about a young girl who meets and falls for a genie–is going to be a series. Super! Bring it, genie lovers! Also: the author is a Jersey girl. PROPS. (Dial BFYR, March 21)

Book cover for Going Vintage by Lindsey Leavitt

Amazon | Goodreads

Going Vintage by Lindsey Leavitt

Friends, SEAN GRISWOLD’S HEAD was one of the most surprising in the best way ever books I’ve read. This one, about a girl who eschews all modern technology when her boyfriend cheats on her, sounds adorable with lots of room for meaningfulness. (Bloomsbury, March 26)

Stacking the Shelves (16)

Stacking The ShelvesWeek of February 16, 2013

There were some books on NetGalley this week that I’ve been itching to read, friends, so…yeah. Those. But also! Got some pretty sweet things courtesy of my own wallet AND uber-awesome friends! Huzzah!


Book cover for That TimeI Joined the Circus by J.J. HowardAmazon | Goodreads

That Time I Joined the Circus by J.J. Howard (April 1, 2013 from Scholastic Point). I have been totally intrigued by the sound of this one ever since I first heard of it. A young girl from NYC goes to a Florida traveling circus to look for her mom and winds up working as the circus’ fortune teller. Sounds different and awesome. Also, a debut!

Book cover for Burning by Elana K. ArnoldAmazon | Goodreads

Burning by Elana K. Arnold (June 11, 2013 from Delacorte Press). The word “gypsy” is in the tagline on the cover of this book, so my interest is piqued right away. The girl, Lala, is a gypsy–you know, not in the vernacular use of the word, but an actual ethnic gypsy–who tells fortunes at Burning Man festival and is on the verge of marrying someone her parent’s have arranged to be her husband. Until she read’s Ben’s tarot cards. Love the sound of this.

Book cover for The Summer Prince by Alaya Dawn JohnsonAmazon | Goodreads

The Summer Prince by Alaya Dawn Johnson (March 1, 2013 from Arthur A. Levine). I’ve been hearing meh things about this book, but it’s a dystopian set in Brazil, which is a country and a culture that I’ve read almost nothing about, so I’m looking forward to the different vibe. Also, I love that the girl on the cover looks like she could actually be a Brazilian native. That’s happy-making.

Book cover for Freaks by Kieran LarwoodAmazon | Goodreads

Freaks by Kieran Larwood (March 1, 2013 from Chicken House).  So THIS book sounds super fun. It’s a MG about a bunch of kids with weird abilities who are in a Victorian sideshow by night, turned crime-fighters by day. Really hoping that this one is as cool as it sounds.

Thanks Scholastic and Delacorte for these gems!


Revel & Paper Valentine

Paper Valentine by Brenna Yovanoff. I read this from NetGalley and, friends, it was pretty awesome. I’ll be reviewing it soon. But it was a creepy, well-written book, so I had to show love by forking over some cash for a real copy. Big fan.

Revel by Maurissa Guibord. I can’t stop thinking about how totally fascinating this book sounds: a hidden island off the coast of Maine, secret societies, Greek mythology overtones, a lobster fisherman, and a girl trying to find out the truth about her mother. I can’t even. HAD to buy this one. Hopefully I’ll get to it soonish!

Siege and Storm

Siege and Storm: The Grisha Trilogy #2 by Leigh Bardugo (June 4, 2013 from Henry Holt). THANK YOU TARA, for sharing this one with me. I LOVED SHADOW AND BONE, and I’ve been hearing great things about book 2. I can’t wait to see what happens to Alina, Mal and the Darkling! (PS. Still loving the map in this book. It’s GORGEOUS, even in the ARC.)

If I Stay cover If I Stay SIGNED!

If I Stay: If I Stay/Where She Went #1 by Gayle Forman. So ok. OMG. So last fall, Tara from Hobbitsies went to YAllfest. So did Gayle Forman. THIS–a signed, personalized hardcover of IF I STAY–was the result. XOXOXO, Tara.

Stacking the Shelves (15)

Stacking the ShelvesWeek of February 9, 2013

Guys, I’m SUPER excited about all of these books! Like, INSANELY stoked about them. I can’t even deal.


Book cover for A Touch of Scarlet by Eve Marie MontAmazon | Goodreads

A Touch of Scarlet: Unbound #2 by Eve Marie Mont (March 26, 2013 from K-Teen). I have to confess to not having read the first book in this series, A BREATH OF EYRE, yet, but I’m very much invested in reading it. I’m loving all these classic retellings going on right now, and I’m VERY intrigued about this Scarlet Letter reworking.

Book cover for The Flame in the Mist by Kit GrindstaffAmazon | Goodreads

The Flame in the Mist by Kit Grindstaff (April 9, 2013 from Delacorte Press). I don’t know how I could NOT be excited about this debut MG fantasy. There’s prophecies and ghosts and a young girl named Jemma who has lots of interesting things to figure out about herself. Of course, all in the name of saving her kindgom with the help of her friend, Digby, and her two golden rats. WOOT!

Thanks K-Teen and Delacorte for these gems!




The Unearthly Series by Cynthia Hand. I read UNEARTHLY, loved it, and am totally invested. I can’t wait to read more about Clara, Christian, and TUCKER. (Ahem. Since we do the team thing with these books, I’m just going to say FOLLOW THE CAPSLOCK.) I am going to be making time to read the rest of this series ASAP.

Scarlet: The Lunar Chronicles #2 by Marissa Meyer. WAHHH THIS BOOK! I was lucky enough to read an ARC of this, thanks to my girl, Tara, and friends? CINDER is hands-down one of my favorite books from last year, also ever. SCARLET is better. It’s BETTER. My review is going up next week. Prepare for CAPSLOCK overload. If you aren’t reading this series, you are missing out. It’s almost not even a matter of my opinion. It’s like a fact.

Tripping Over February

Five Books I’m Looking Forward to in February

Teensy bit behind this month, friends, but that it NO WAY dampens my excitement for these five books! Because trust me: I. AM. STOKED.

Book cover for Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

Amazon | Goodreads

Scarlet: The Lunar Chronicles #2 by Marissa Meyer

I actually already read this book. And bought it. AND LOVED IT TO BITS AND PIECES. Go forth. Read it. Buy it. Love it. (Feiwel and Friends, February 5.)

Book cover for The Madness Underneath by Maureen Johnson

Amazon | Goodreads

The Madness Underneath: Shades of London #2 by Maureen Johnson

THE NAME OF THE STAR is one of those books that basically has been on mind since I finished it two years ago. It was my favorite Maureen Johnson book by far, and I’m very much looking forward to more Rory and the Shades! Plus, CREEPY LONDON PARANORMAL STUFF. (Putnam Juvenile, February 26)

Book cover for Revel by Maurissa Guibord

Amazon | Goodreads

Revel by Maurissa Guibord

Friends, this book sounds SO PROMISING. It’s got paranormal creepiness in the form of weird mythological things, secret societies, mist, and a young girl who’s searching for answers about her family. It sounds BANANAS and I can’t wait. (Delacorte BFYR, February 12)

Book cover for Pivot Point by Kasie West

Amazon | Goodreads

Pivot Point: Pivot Point #1 by Kasie West

THIS book sounds so interesting! It’s about a girl who can see the future and make decisions based on the fact that she can see different outcomes to the same issue. WHATT!!?? Yes, please. (Harper Teen, February 12)

Book cover for Perfect Scoundrels by Ally Carter

Amazon | Goodreads

Perfect Scoundrels: The Heist Society #3 by Ally Carter

HONESTLY. I’m always going to be down with this series about teen thieves. This installment sounds extra-fraught because Hale winds up in some trouble. He inherits big money and finds himself not able to do the stealing so much anymore. But listen: if Kat and Hale don’t get in some LEGIT kissing, I’m going to be a little annoyed. Turn up the volume on that please, Ally. (Hyperion Books for Children, 2/5)


In My Mailbox (59) / Stacking the Shelves (14)

in my mailbox stacking the shelvesWeek of February 2, 2013

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by Kristi over at The Story Siren. It’s awesome. Every week, we all get a chance to tell everyone what new books we’ve gotten so that we can tell you guys and we can all drool and squee together! Huzzah for squees! Stacking the Shelves is another weekly meme hosted by Tynga at Tynga’s Reviews. They’re both awesome memes and I love meeting all of you through them!

LOTS of super fun books this week, friends! Alas, I have fallen off the NetGalley wagon. Kind of hard. Hopefully this will be the last big batch for a while. Don’t laugh at me! I just can’t help it sometimes! I get so excited about ALL THE BOOKS!!


Book cover for Nantucket Blue by Leila HowlandAmazon | Goodreads

Nantucket Blue by Leila Howland (May 7, 2013 from Disney Hyperion). Will you just look at this beachy, swoony cover? I mean, if that isn’t enough to make you want to read this book, then the synopsis DEFINITELY will: It’s about a young girl with some real friend issues who has to spend her summer working instead of chilling with her BFF. It sounds kind of intense and meaty but still light and beachy. Obviously, there’s a boy too.

Book cover for Rules by Stacey KadeAmazon | Goodreads

Rules: Project Paper Doll # 1 by Stacey Kade (April 23, 2013 from Disney Hyperion). A dystopian about a young girl who is half human, half ALIEN who was created in a genetics lab and escapes. The rules in the title are basically her rules for survival, and they include not falling in love, so you know that’s going to happen. Plus the people who created her are chasing after her to bring her back. DRAMZ!

Book cover for Quintana of Charyn by Melina MarchettaAmazon | Goodreads

Quintana of Charyn: The Lumatere Chronicles #3 by Melina Marchetta (April 23, 2013 from Candlewick Press). I’m getting all geared up to start the Lumatere Chronicles Readalong, hosted by Hannah from So Obsessed With, so I was MUCHO excited to see this on Netgalley. I just know that I’m not going to be able to wait!

Book Cover for Notes From Ghost Town by Kate EllisonAmazon | Goodreads

Notes From Ghost Town by Kate Ellison (February 12, 2013 from EgmontUSA). I read and enjoyed–although didn’t LOVE–Kate Ellison’s debut, THE BUTTERFLY CLUES, last year. It was a really thought-provoking, dark story about grief, murder, and mental illness. This one sounds like more of the same, but with a ghosty presence of first love to boot. I’m really intrigued by it.

Book cover for The Symptoms of My Insanity by Mindy RafAmazon | Goodreads

The Symptoms of My Insanity by Mindy Raf (April 18, 2013 from Dial BFYR). DEBUT ALERT! YAY! Keeping with the mental illness theme from above, but taking a totally different spin, this one brings the funnies. Izzy is a hard-core hypochondriac, but she’s also got lots of personal things going on: her friend is acting weird and so is her crush, and her mom is getting sick. The synopsis calls this one “bittersweet,” which is kind of one of my favorite things. I KNOW, I’m weird. But excited to read this one!



Sorry I don’t have a little more time to chat with you all about the books I bought this week, but straight up? PRODIGY is AMAZING, the Penguin drop cap edition of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE is to die for, LOVED THE NAME OF THE STAR and am super excited for THE MADNESS UNDERNEATH, and that Bliss book is a MG about a BAKERY. Also, April totally surprised me with the audiobook for PERSONAL EFFECTS, which sounds excellent!! Such a happy-making surprise! 🙂

Prodigy: Legend #2 by Marie Lu

Pride and Prejudice: The Penguin Drop Cap Edition by Jane Austen

The Name of the Star: Shades of London #1 by Maureen Johnson

Bliss: The Bliss Bakery #1 by Kathryn Littlewood (Kindle)

Personal Effects by E.M. Kokie (Audiobook surprise from April @ Good Books and Good Wine–THANKS FOREVER, LADY!!)